The use of hair clips and wear method

By: yuan  2016-11-17

The use of hair clips and wear method
The use of clip-In hair:
Clip hair can help users in the original hair on the basis of
free extension and replacement of different shapes, and can make the hair becomes more full
Clip hair wear method:
The required tools: combs, curls.
1. Use your comb to comb your hair.
2. Combine your own hair with a clip.
3. Will not tie the bottom of the hair, separate the two layers.
4. Take a clip and fix it with a clip.
5. The use of small pieces of hair clips fixed around the ears on both sides.
6. Spread out the top of the hair, with a clip fixed with a clip to live, comb the hair.
7. Once finished, comb with comb.
8. More short hair, can be set behind the ear.