How to prevent wigs shedding

By: yuan  2016-11-16

1. Use a wide-bristle comb to comb the wig hair and avoid entanglement.
2. Shampoo with warm water first wet hair, do not use hot hot water,
care hair care to prevent hair rupture, hair loss.
3. Select the hair for your own shampoo, shampoo and shampoo when you
try to avoid contact with the hair root.
4. With hair conditioner for hair care and use of coconut oil moisturizing
hair, do not use high alcohol hair care products.
5. Minimize the number of hair and perm, to avoid chemical damage to hair,
hair loss and lead to hair loss.
6. Hair cutting, consult a professional barber, to avoid the wrong way to destroy
the hair subtraction, leading to hair loss.
7. It's important to tie your hair up or wrap a scarf every night when you're sleeping
helps prevent your hair from pulling and rubbing and causing hair loss.