Nurse your old hair weaves back to health

By: W  2016-11-15

Its despressed that you hair extensions begin to tangle or shed after three months of installing.this is also a common phenomenon and dont mean the hair weaves is bad in quality,but it lacks the needed nourishment.

Most people may be get angry so they waste they money on buying the new one.However,there's unnecessary because we have the method to restore your hair extension.

This way is using natural oil to revive the hair and it is also regarded as the hot oil treatment.Its  routine works to heat and poure the natural oil on the hair so that it can absorb the naturients from the oil for a moment.

And you should follow the steps if you want the treatment can be in progress.

  • comb your hair extensions starting from the end to top.
  • use a generous and good amount of natural oils and hair mayonnaise.
  • for ensuring the treatment is spread you can comb the hair extensions.
  • tighten the plastic bag which has put your hair extensions in.
  • put it into the micro wave and leave in for about a minute(2min maximum).
  • ensure the bag is hot before you wrap it with a towel and leave for 10 hours.
  • wash your hair extension