How to reduce human hair extensions thinning

By: Mark-42  2016-11-15

how to reduce human hair extensions thinning

lots of people want long, perfect hair extensions offer instant gratification to the dreamer.But  as time goes by and Incorrect nursing care,human hair extensions thinning has become a big problem.So we want to give some advises for you.

1.First and most important,Make sure properly installed human hair extensions.

2.Try to avoid frequently dyeing and perming,Although that will make your hair more eye-catching but it is causes heavy damage to the hair.

3.When the knots in your hair extensions were so bad that you should comb them out.It is noteworthy that you must careful combing hair.because it is brittle.

4.Use the appropriate Shampoo and up thr human hair extensions after wash.

5.Blow-dry your hair completely before going to bed. Wet hair extensions will bunch up causing tangles to form. As you move around in your sleep, the tangles in your extensions could get stuck and pull on your natural hair, damaging it.