KBL Malysian,Brazilian,Indian Virgin hair

By: yuan  2016-11-15

Malaysian virgin remy hair:
Malaysian virgin remy hair is from Malaysia, the hair is particularly straight, the color is
particularly black, and the hair is very natural and shiny.
Brazilian virgin remy hair:
Brazilian virgin remy hair from Brazil, the hair is relatively close to Europe's hair, hair texture
types are many, all the hair is 100% natural color,if you like the hair color can be dyed your favorite color.
Indian virgin remy hair:
Indian virgin remy hair style is simpler, closest to the African hair texture relaxed. It is also suitable for all types of hair.
KaBeiLu the hair is the most senior human hair, each bundle of hair is the same person's hair, each hair cuticle is the same direction, the hair
lasted a long time, the production of our hair each process has the most Professional wigpractitioners to check to ensure that all produced out
of the hair are high-quality human hair.