Do you know how your hair weft done?

By: Ossione  2016-11-14

We all love the hair extensions, But do you know how the weft made ? Today,let me tell you. This is Wasabi from KBL, One of seller of KBL Family. KBL is a hair wholesale company, In hair beauty industry for more than 10 years now. We insist on selling fresh, real human Virgin hair to our clients. We enjoy to the process when customer received their hair and happy to feedback to us. There’re have 8 steps for us to make the hair extensions. You maybe will confused why I know it, Cause we have our own factory. We have large stock and accept customized orders.

Step 1: We need to collect fresh and healty hair from some young girls who want to sell their hair,some of them to make living access to sell the hair. We only collect hair from one donor, to make sure the hair quality and it can be restyle for our customers, Full cuticle materials.

Step 2: Second, we need to Patting the raw material, in order to make sure the hair extensions shed.

Step 3: we will weight the hair, before we make the hair weft, we will choose 105gram to make the hair extensions.

Step 4: Sew the hair . And we also will put some glue when we sew the hair,to make sure it tight and not shed when we use it.

Step 5: Double sew to make the hair more durable. No shedding

Step 6: Double check the hair and cut the thread,when customer received the hair and be pleased.

Step 7: Clean the hair and spray some hair oil to keep it in a good condition.

Step 8: Natural air-dried about 24 hours. Give the customer the best fresh hair!