How to care the Brazilian curly hair?

By: yuan  2016-11-14

1.Using your finger to brush the curly hair instead of combing by the narrow teeth combs.
2.Before installing the hair, it would be better to do hair care and wash the hair in advance,it could keep the hair in the best condition and avoid the curly hair get tangled.
3.Use the good quality and mild shampoo to wash Brazilian curly hair at least twice a week and dry the hair by air naturally, if you use the electric hair drier, the wave of the hair will be changed easily.
4.Using the elastin to care the curly regularly, so you could keep the wave for a long time without changing to a great extent.
5.Don`t dye and perm the curly hair frequently or at the same time,otherwise the damage will be double , their life will be shorten.