More about Brazilian hair and virgin natural hair

By: yuan  2016-11-11

More about Brazilian hair and virgin natural hair.
Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair, usually refers to the so-called "Brazilian hair", it is one hundred percent natural processing, the cuticle without any damage, hair can come from any country.
The most famous is the virgin hair from Brazil, virgin hair can come from any country, but still known as "Brazilian hair."
Different countries provide different types and texture of the virgin hair.
· The cuticle of the hair is intact, without chemical processing.
· Hair isotropic and non-entangled.
·Each bundle of hair comes from the same woman's hair, hair is very natural.

What is the Brazilian virgin Remy Hair?
Brazilian virgin Remy Hair is from Brazil. It get the most various natural textures and colors. The hair is very close to the European hair.
For customers requiring 100% natural textures and natural light colors, you can choose Brazilian hair from Brazil.
All the hairs are 100% natural colors.
The virgin hair is practically very easy to transform into your prefered colours .
You can dye it, change color, or give any texture you want .