About the clip In Hair Extensions

By: yuan  2016-11-04

About The Clip In Hair Extensions
The basic idea of Clip in hair extensions is attaching a piece of hair to your natural hair. These kinds of extensions are attached to the strands of your hair, usually near the roots. Clip-in hair extensions are often considered as temporary hair extensions, as you can easily remove them after a night-out.
Clip-in hair extensions are a good way of adding length, style or volume to your natural hair. And, you can also do a lot of styling with them which makes them a practical solution. You can either choose a hair color that is the same or very close to your natural hair color so it wouldn’t appear out of wack. However, if you want to go for a bold and unique look, you can use a clip-in hair extension that is in bright colors. This will stand out and give your hairstyle that bold and unique look your are looking for.
Clip-in hair extensions can either be attached by yourself or through a saloon. It is advisable that you go to a salon if you want things to go smoothly for the night.
Aside from the clip-in hair extension, there are other ways of attaching a hair extension.
For one, a stylist can use an adhesive. With this method, a stylist will use strands of hair, or also known as wefts, and attach it to your natural hair near the roots with the use of an adhesive agent. The stylist can either use a hot or a cold fusion method, but the hot fusion method is more commonly used.
Another option is the use of microlinks or micro loops. These methods make use of small bands of hair with a metal or rubber camp at one end of the hair extension. These kinds of hair extension wrap around your natural hair. Some styles may use adhesive to make sure the extensions do not slip.