How to avoid hair extensions damage your hair

By: kabeilu  2016-11-01

 How to avoid hair extensions damage your hair

Hair extensions are something that a lot of women consider at least once in their lifetime.Hair extensions are more popular than ever but there are many women out there that are not quite sure if hair extensions are for them.For examplel,If the extensions are too heavy, they can cause your hair to break off. Hair extension damage can also happen when the extensions are attached too tightly.Now,Let me tell you how to avoid hair extensions damage your hair.

First of all,you must ensure that your hair extensions come from a nice supplier,maby their hair extensions  more expensive than other ,but will provide the best hair quality and the best hair extension  for you.KBL( is a Professional supplier,So welcome to the store.

Second ,Ensure that hair extensions is fitted correctly,unless you have the help and support of an experienced Agile coach. Otherwise,We encourage you to Ask Beauty Salon for help.

Third point is Nursing methods,manufacturers suggest using a mild shampoo, or even a wig shampoo. The same care taken when shampooing must also be used when styling artificial hair. It is often recommended that the texture of hair purchased should be the style in which the hair is worn. Using heat to straighten curly hair, or to curl straight hair, damages it. The more damage the hair sustains, the shorter the lifespan of the artificial hair.