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  • The different between KBL Closure and XBL Closure

    The different between KBL Closure and XBL Closure Before I Write this article, I have compared KBL’s closure and another company XBL’s closure. I learnt the difference and share with you today. Analysis point KBL XBL Experiences from KBL Experiences from XBL Quality of Hair 100% Virgin hair Mixed hair 100%Virgin hair ...
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  • How to make your hair grow faster overnight

    1: Scalp Massages. There’re a lot of nerve endings on the Scalp, do Scalp Massages oftenly,can Promote blood circulation, to avoid hair shed and turn white, hair will grow faster.  2: Hot oil treatment. Hot oil treatment will make your hair looks more luster and soomth, once a month is ok for your hair.  3: Eat more fruits and veggies. Eat more fruits and veggies that contain alkaline. The reason that the hair get shed or become yellow is because there are acidic toxins in ...
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