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  • How to Cut the Lace on a Wig for Beginners Step By Step

    Lace wigs can give your comfortable and natural feeling when you wear them. They also allow the wearers to personalize the look of the lace wig, including trimming the hair itself into a particular style and trimming the hairline of the wig's lace to make it fit the user perfectly. Is your new silk top lace front wig already arrived? Before you wear a lace front wig, you should know you have a step you have to do, that is cut the lace. Here,if you're new front lace wig unit has arrived a...
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  • Kabeilu Hair Production and production process

    We are flexible to control the production, monitoring inventory, to control the quality of products, and always provide customers with high-quality goods. We are committed to the quality of our products. Kabeilu hair curtain made of eight major projects: 1. Raw materials are homogeneous; kbl has raw material procurement department, strict raw material procurement standards, strict supervision of raw materials, fundamentally guarantee the quality of products. 2. We divide the quality of th...
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