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We are flexible to control the production, monitoring inventory, to control the quality of products, and always provide customers with high-quality goods. We are committed to the quality of our products.

Kabeilu hair
curtain made of eight major projects:
1. Raw materials are homogeneous; kbl has raw material procurement department, strict raw material procurement standards, strict supervision of raw materials, fundamentally guarantee the quality of products.

2. We divide the quality of the raw materials and ensure that the raw materials meet certain weight requirements and further produce the products.

3. Locomotive curtains; the use of three locomotives on the curtains for triple locomotives, to triple protection, is more solid products, and we will smear the natural ingredients on the product glue to ensure that customers do not use hair loss process, not hair loss.

4. Double machine and film; use two locomotives for the film, to provide customers with double protection, more reliable.

5. Product quality inspection: the various parts of the product to check, each hair will accurately measure the size, select a qualified product to ensure that customers receive the perfect hair.

6. Depth of care; kbl has a set of three procedures of the standard care requirements:
1. Wash hands through the water to remove the hair dirt and odor; 2. Use shampoo with natural care solution, deep clean hair. 3. Add a high concentration of real hair nutrition solution, to protect the hair of the internal protein, so that the hair more nutritious nutrition

7. comb hair weft; wig professionals to comb the hair weft, and artificial hand curtains, each curtain will ensure full and neat.

8. Drying and sealing; Drying by hot air or heating will make the hair dry, we guarantee that only the use of natural dry way to the curtains for air treatment, air drying time of 24 hours, and finally to dry up when the hair timely storage, Bring the most fresh curtains to customers.