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5 ways to protect your hair during swimming

1. Keep perspective
Do not use twists if they unravel easily or mesh when wet. Do not go for free hair if it shrinks heavily and will require a lot of gentle manipulation and time to style post swim.
2. Carefully observe the water, pay attention to smell
The acidity of the pool water is unknown, but you can tell by the smell and the color,the chlorination pool is usually light blue, the smell of chlorine is usually not too strong;if the maintenance of the poor swimming pool water is usually shown Green or yellow tones,and the smell of chlorine in the air is very heavy.
3. Protect hair before swimming
Moisten your hair before swimming, use chlorinated water, so that the first hair to absorb enough chlorine, this will help protect the hair in the water more chloride ion contact.
4. Wear a swimming cap
Swimming caps generally do not keep all water away from the hair, but they do protect the hair from the full impact of the water and reduce the damage to the hair.
5. After the tour carefully take care of your hair
Spend a certain amount of time after swimming to wash your hair to help get rid of the two chlorine salt water; in your hair before drying to stop binding your hair, hair 7 into the dry hair when using the hair gently massage 3 minutes scalp.