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Professionally blows your hair dry

Some have good hair quality of the woman, even if the hair is very beautiful and wet,for ordinary rule of law,only the professional hair operation can be hair looks smooth and shiny.
How to get a smooth,polished hair bundle?
1. First prepare a series of correct tools, such as wide-tooth comb, hand mirror,styling products,hair dryer with nozzle,circular,
ventilated brush and six articulated hairpins.
2. With a towel to gently wipe the hair can cause friction and entanglement.
3. The use of modeling products, it is recommended in the root use of no-clean-style increase or enhance the spray to enhance the soft hair.
If your hair is curled,anti-curl serum or other anti-wetting agents can also be applied from the root to the end.
4. Blow dry excess water until the hair dries about 80%;concentrate heat to the roots, do not try to control a single thread.If your hair tends
to become soft or flat,bend the hair volume when dry.
5. It is recommended to cross the head from one side of the ear to the other,divide the hair into two parts,roll each part into a string and
fix it with a hairpin.
6. From top to bottom to start work, split the back,from one ear to the other ear,in the back of the head began to draw three horizontal parts.
7. Wrap the hair around the circular brush and pull the hair at an angle of 45 degrees to the head and completely dry the hair.Work from the
loose bottom of the hair,pointing the blow dryer nozzle at an angle to align the air to the surface of the wire harness and into the brush.
8. Dividing the tough portion in thicker or extra-wavy areas divides the larger portion into smaller portions that are faster and dry and
easier to handle.
9.Check your work in a hand mirror Look for still-damp or unruly strands. Repeat the drying process,allowing hair to set by cooling
momentarily on the brush before unwinding.
Keep the nozzle at least one inch from the hair to avoid thermal damage.
Unwrapping the hair with a twist of the brush rather than pulling out the straight leads to a smoother, more shiny hair with a little wave.