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Wrong hair operation, ruining your luscious lock

Each girl is born beauty, but hair, straighten, etc., these hair styling is likely to cause hair damage, in addition to what are the factors that damage the hair?

1. Shampoo frequency is too frequent
Shampoo the number of recommendations a week up to 2-3 times a day shampoo detrimental to health, hair loss of luster.
2. Shampoo use too much.
The use of shampoo according to their own hair and the number of hair cleanliness to use,shampoo contains a certain amount of chemicals,
excessive use will lead to hair deterioration.
3.You Use Crappy Shampoo
Shampoo does not need to be too expensive, the most important thing is to choose a contains the correct composition, suitable for their
hair type, many shampoo containing harsh detergents,it is recommended to use non-sulfate shampoo.
4. Use the wrong shampoo.
Hair damage is not just the choice of shampoo, less shampoo so simple, you need to know your hair type, some shampoo may cause
serious damage to the color of hair, so for the color of the hair dye after dyeing Hair shampoo is very important.
5. Do not use conditioner
Hair conditioner Whether for real hair or wig, have a certain role in care, is the hair becomes smooth and soft.
6. Use high-calorie tools to dry your hair
The higher the heat, the more natural hair styling, but in fact will lead to your stratum corneum damage, it is recommended that natural
dry hair, if you use hair dryer, drying nozzle to keep a certain distance with the hair.
7. Use an unprotected iron
Use an iron like a stranger drunk for a night of wine: incredible, there is danger; the use of spray form to protect the hair, otherwise,the
heat will lead to hair rupture, bifurcation.