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 How to straighten and styling extensions

Hair extensions are a great way of increase your natural hair and adding length to it.There is undoubtedly they are becoming more and more popular,and more and more women are dyeing and styling hair extensions, just like they would with their natural hair.Talking about styling hair extensions,I came to say how to straighten and styling extensions.
First,if you want to straighten and styling your hair extensions,First things first,before you straighten and styling your hair extensions, you need to take them out of your hair.
When it comes to straightening or styling your human hair extensions, you need to exercise caution,Because If you damage your own hair through heat, then at least you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that any damage will eventually grow out, but in the case of extensions, should you damage them through heat, then most likely they will have to be thrown away, wasting whatever money you spent on them.You can use a flat iron to straighten your hair extensions, but you should use it at the lowest possible temperature,High-quality synthetic hair extensions can be straightened using a flat iron no hotter than 320 degrees Fahrenheit.A flat iron heated to hotter than 320 F may cause the extensions to melt,human hair extensions more fragile So straightening your hair extensions is to keep the heat settings of your straighteners as low as possible.
When styling your hair extensions you need to exercise the same precautions as mentioned above for straightening,you should use a heat protective spray,In order to protect hair extensions from heat damage.You can curl your extensions in pretty much any way you wish, but just remember that every time you curl or straighten your extensions, they are weakened slightly.