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What can I do to grow my hair long and thick?

With constantly increasing pressures of life,More and more young people be troubled by hair loss,sometimes maybe it is genetic.But most hair loss because life pressures and incorrect hair care.In current time,I'm sure everyone regardless of age or sex all wishes to have strong, long and thick hair.But it's a pity,A lot of people don't know how to do it.So I am suggesting you a few tips here all you need is to follow them in a dedicated manner to gain optimal results:

1.Hair and scalp massage with your finger pads gently with lavender, coconut, argan, olive, almond and castor oil.
2.Be sure drink enough water to offer moisture to your skin, body and hair in order to keep your hair healthy.
3.Wash your hair with natural hair care products like sodium chloride and sulfates free shampoos and conditioners
4.Try to avoid making tight hairstyles especially at night. Rather go for loose ponytail to stay away from receding hair line and scalp stress.
5.Make use of natural hair serum in order to make your hair shiny, soft and smooth.And it won't hurt your hair.
6.Take healthy diet like almonds, ginger, walnut, oysters, salmon etc. that offers your hair with multi-vitamins such as Vitamins A, C, B5 and Zinc.
7.Detangle your hair carefully with your fingers after washing your hair to avoid hair loss.
8.Always use those hair products that suits your hair type in order to strengthen hair follicles.
9.Co-wash once or twice a week with natural products that does not contains harsh chemicals.
10.Take enough sleep like for at-least 8 hours.