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What practices damage your hair

1. stereotypes hair too tight
Beauty is the nature of every woman, sometimes we love the United States has ignored the feelings of the hair, when we Zama tail or do other hair styling, often hair styling too tight, this situation
can easily lead to hair rupture , If worried that the hair tied tight and loose hair, you can use hair styling products such as stereotypes.
2. Use the wrong hairpin
Hair itself is more fragile, so the hairpin when the election must be suitable for their hair hairpin, wrong hairpin will make your hair in an unhealthy state; the worst hair bundle is what?
Rubber band. Rubber bands will distort your hair and damage your hair.
3. Use a bad comb
You may have heard that you should not brush your hair with a brush, then you are wrong, you must use a soft brush or a wide-tooth comb to comb the tangles when the hair is tangled (in the dry state);
if you do not use the correct Brush, may cause serious problems to your hair, use a good brush, smooth your hair, without any rough, so that the hair becomes smooth.
4. Hair dry fracture
Towels, scarves are tools for drying hair, but these two tools have a lot of rough little fiber, there may be friction of your hair, on the contrary, you can try to use the old T-shirt to dry your hair.
5. Skip care products
Do you know the sun 's rays will damage your hair? This is true, especially for dyed hair, you should use hair care products, just as you go out to give you the same sunscreen on your skin chart.