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Methods to stimulate hair growth

When it comes to hair growth, do you also feel that their hair growth is not fast enough, beautiful hair needs your long-term care.
Stimulates hair growth
Step one: nutrition
Nutrition is the foundation, regardless of your body's nutrition is a solid foundation for the body a key step for the hair is also crucial. Hair nutrition, you can start from vitamin supplements,
through a variety of vitamins to promote hair growth. In addition, you can also add some fatty acids and edible iron-rich foods to promote new and accelerated cell growth.
Step two: local stimulation
Stimulation is the key to hair growth. First, you have to peel off your scalp on a regular basis. You can either use a soft brush or make a scalp treatment. Either way, as long as you can prevent
your hair follicles from oiling, or dead skin cells block your scalp growth.
Step three: maintenance
Hair care is an important step in having beautiful hair. Usually we are very concerned about the hair root growth process, while ignoring the length and purpose; scalp maintenance should use
nourishing shampoo, to maintain health; but also to regular hair care, in order to improve the gloss, smooth cuticle and prevent damaged.