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 Why Is My Hair Breaking?

Hair breakage is one of the most common and worrisome problems faced by women trying to grow out their hair.I am sure most of people was helpless about this.Having healthy, long hair is like a dream to many women, which means hair that is shedding or breaking excessively can be a cause of great concern.You as far as possible stop your hair from breaking and shedding by taking good care of it.Many women suffer not just from generalized breakage at the ends or mid-strand, but from hair breakage and hair loss in one particular spot on their head,you can not overlook,should if you want to have healthy long hair,you must know that why our hair breaking?But it's a pity because many people do not  understand what is the reason,I’ve concluded that there are many things we do that contribute to or are the direct cause of hair breakage and hair loss.
1.Improper Cleansing Routine
When you wash your hair,choosing the right cleansing product is important,But it is more important proper cleansing routine,Hair is very easy to get hurt.So proper cleansing routine is good for avoid hair breaking.
2.Poor Handling of Hair When Wet
there was a detail,many people may not understand,Breaking hair is delicate hair, and when your hair is wet it is even more delicate and susceptible to damage than when dry.That means when your hair was wet you must more serious to take care of.Also avoid brushing your hair when it is wet.it is easy to hurt your hair.
3.Poor Scalp Health
Some scalp conditions and medications affect your body as well as your hair.In other cases, you may just need to take better care of your hair or scalp than you have been doing.White flakes are dandruff and can be easily managed.However, yellow flakes usually indicate a more serious scalp problem called seborrheic dermatitis which is related to hormonal imbalances, scalp fungus and possibly neurological problems.you might as well see a doctor.
4.High Levels of Stress
This is most likely to be ignored.Worry, anxiety and stress can wreck havoc on your hair and skin.When stressed out some women experience their hair breaking in just one spot – typically one side, the crown or the back of their head.Try to avoid stress if possible.