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How to become natural hair

If you want your hair to become natural and not tangled, then you must have a complete set of solutions.
1. Do not specify the time to let the hair grow to a certain length, but time to the hair growth, a few months later to see if your hair
is not long enough.
2. For hair type; find their own hair texture mixed together, try different texture hair style.
3. When the hair is still in the wet state do not bundle it; if the hair tangled situation, you can use the comb toothbrush and hair
conditioner for care.
4 to keep the scalp clean; every two days to twice a week to clean the scalp.
5. To keep hair moist; hair is too dry will lead to fracture, you can use with hair care products.
6. The depth of the scalp conditioning; natural curly hair is usually not a lack of protein, so to adhere to moisturizing treatment.
7. Reduce the use of heat; when the hair is in a wet state, you can use a towel to dry excess moisture and then dry naturally to
reduce the use of hair dryer or iron.
8. To protect the edge of the hair; to avoid the transition of the hair style, you can put your hair on the neck and neck and neck,
so that your hair looks thinner, more refined.
9. Treat your hair tenderly; when your hair is in the fall state, take some time to treat it gently and tenderly.
10. Regularly trim the end of the hair that has been bifurcated; when the hair bifurcation, in order not to affect the growth of hair,
to use professional hair trimmer trimming bifurcation regularly.