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A few misunderstandings about human hair extensions

You must have already heard about human hair extensions´╝îmight even your friends are using it,Now,with the living standards rising rapidly, more and more people began to use human hair extensions,human hair extensions was made of 100% human hair,As a result of this,the hair hair was super soft, shiny, silky.When deciding if human hair extensions are right for you, it's possible that a few common misconceptions are delaying your purchase.
1.Source of raw material is not safe
This statement was easy to be understand,After all everybody is concerned about safety.It has been said that human hair extensions made of dead man.Now I can assure you that it is not going to happen.we set up an integrated series of quality assurance system ( raw materials, semi-finished product, completed product), assuring the product quality.
2.Extensions will damage your natural hair.
This is not absolute.Unless you pull the hair and wrong installation,install correctly and normally using,human hair extensions will not damage your natural hair.Even that if properly applied and maintained extensions can improve hair health, especially during heat styling.“You wouldn't directly iron a silk shirt, but if you lay a piece of linen or cloth over silk, you can iron through without damaging the more fragile material,” Robert said.
3.Extensions is difficult to maintain
Generally human hair extensions is easy to maintain,You just have to wash it at intervals throughout the year,In order to ensure human hair extensions no peculiar smell and not knot,You have not to use special shampoo and conditioner and other styling products.It's easy to be satisfied.