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Hair Care Tips for Curly Hair

Moisturizing, moisturizing:
If your hair is curly, first of all you have to understand a feature of the hair, it is in a dry state of nature, therefore, it is always eager to moisture; you must carefully choose your shampoo to ensure
that you choose the wash Hair is no sulfate in this component, or your hair will be more dry.
Combing, nursing:
Use a wide-tooth comb, if the use of narrow-toothed comb or brush, the hair is easy to break; do not recommend using a towel to dry hair dryer or hair, instead, use a towel to dry the hair moisture
or natural Air dry.
Select the hair stylist for their own:
Select hair stylist is essential. Hair stylists with curly hair professional services are important, stylists who know curly hair culture know how to best take care of it; professional hair care is
very important for keeping your hair glossy and beautiful.
Hair care when going out:
When you go out, you have to be extra careful to take care of your hair; your hair is as easy as your skin sunburn; out in the hot sun remember to give your hair moisturizing gel or other anti-ultraviolet product.