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About The Hair Weft
Hair curtains are materials that can be used in connection with wigs and wigs. Can be directly woven into the head.
Hair weft features: Wear more natural; can easily dye hot, in the kinds of occasions can be removed without wearing, such as swimming caps, swimwear, sports.
Wear the steps to wear the weft:
1. First the customer's original hair weaving, attached to the scalp.
2. Cover the scalp with a breathable mesh, and sew, play a role in ventilation and protection of the scalp.
3. The curtains apart, or cut hair according to the head-type curtain.
4. Sewing the split hairline with a crochet on the pre-programmed hair bundle.
5. With the customer's hair or small pieces to conceal traces, and finally to do hair styling.