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 How to Bleach Hair Extensions

Our virgin hair extensions are natural black color, maybe we want to chance the color by myself,in order to to match our color.So we must to decided to bleach my extensions myself.

But you must attention to Some things´╝î before you bleach hair extensions.

1.Do not  try to dye synthetic extensions.Only human hair extensions can be dyed.

2.Don’t apply heat to your hair with a straight iron, blow dryer, or other heating appliance.

Step of bleach hair extensions

1.Preparation stage:Bleach,Brush,layer of foil and Hair Extensions.

2.Lays Human Hair Extensions on the layer of foilCover with additional layer of foil and lightly press to create a seal., fixed with clip.

3.Start by applying the dye to the top of your extensions.Then, with a tint brush, gently stroke the dye into the top halves of the wefts, making sure to go in between each strand.Repeat this step until all the hair is coated.

4.Cover with additional layer of foil and lightly press to create a seal.


5.Just a little bit of time.Break the hermetic and wash Hair Extensions.Now mission accomplished

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